Breathable membranes and vapor-barrier for under-roofing and facades

Our underlays are used as secondary waterproofing (either temporary or permanent) below clay or concrete tiles or metal roofs. They also provide protection to the insulation when snow or rain is pushed through the tiles or metal roof. 

CB is one of the leading European suppliers of breathable underlay, with 2 plants located in Germany and in Poland

Onduline also produces underlays and builds plastic films at its Russian plant in Nizhny Novgorod.


A "roof under the roof", a long-lasting protection and preserved aesthetics

You may need a “roof under the roof” for your clay tile roof. Clay tiles may move or become fragile over the years. The Onduline ISOLINE range of corrugated under-roofing systems guarantees water proofing below canal tiles. This way, you enjoy a long-term serenity and keep the aesthetics of your building.  

Sous-toiture Isoline

Accessories to simplify installation

For each under-roofing solution, many accessories are available to simplify installation and ensure watertightness. 

The accessories are designed with the help of installers and roofers, to make sure they are fully adapted to customers’ needs.

Under-rroofing accessory