Our Corrugated Roofing sheets and tiles are made of recycled cellulosic fibres impregnated with bitumen. They are either used for main roofs or for annexe buildings. Onduline is the inventor of the Bitumen Corrugated Sheet technology and is the undisputed world leader in this segment. 

We also offer a range of opaque corrugated sheets made of polycarbonate (or PVC) to provide protection in specific situations.


The roof is the signature of the building. It is usually visible from the neighbourhood and aesthetics is one of the main criteria.

Whether composed of bitumen or of plastics, our range offers a large choice of profiles, shapes and colours to match any architectural style. 

Our solutions are designed as complete construction systems to simplify installation and ensure watertightness at every single point of the roof. This is why we offer solutions for roofing and over-roofing. This is a must for long-lasting protection.