A new development stage for Ondura Group

The Ondura group (Onduline, CB, Alwitra) is pleased to announce a new stage in its development: Kingspan, the global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions, has signed an exclusive put option agreement yesterday to acquire the Ondura Group ('Ondura') from Naxicap Partners and others. Patrick Destang, CEO of Ondura, states “This is excellent news for the Ondura group. Naxicap Partners has enabled us to create a very strong group. Kingspan will allow us to accelerate our growth and investment plans. Kingspan is particularly interested in developing its roofing services: we are uniquely positioned in this market sector, with branches in 32 countries. Kingspan and Ondura share the same CSR commitments and sustainability focus. Kingspan has an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture, with a strong focus on growth and continuous improvement, just like Ondura. On behalf of the whole management team, I would like to thank Naxicap Partners, which have supported our growth for five years and enabled the creation of Ondura, with the acquisition of Alwitra in Germany and CB in Poland. We wholeheartedly welcome this new stage in our development and are confident that, with Kingspan, we have the best possible platform for success.” Please find attached the press release issued by Kingspan.

Kingspan Ondura Logos

Kingspan has signed an exclusive put option agreement to acquire the Ondura Group