Safety, a requirement for everyone

We do not compromise on safety, either ours or our customers’. We are convinced that we must think about safety before acting. Security is important on our premises, and we ensure that all visitors, partners, and companies working on our sites can operate safely.  

We believe that security should be just as important outside of these sites. We want it to be constantly taken into account, for example on construction sites, and even with family or friends, to protect them as well as possible. We are all committed to avoiding accidents.

Safety - fire training

Quality, our priority

When it comes to waterproofing, quality is a must. Roofing solutions must ensure long-term protection. We therefore ensure the quality of our building systems by constantly improving our internal processes, from production to delivery. We design our solutions to ensure fast and safe installation work and long-lasting waterproofing.  

We carefully test our products at each stage of their production, and we monitor their behaviour over time. We have even developed our own tests based on our long and international experience to respond to your specific needs and climatic changes. We analyse and implement improvements so that our customers are satisfied.



Sustainability, at the heart of our activities

We are all committed to respecting our environment and always try to limit our impact. We integrate sustainability in all our processes – from R&D and manufacturing, to supply chain and final installation.

We work hard to pay particular attention to limit wastewater, emissions, waste, and noise as well as energy consumption through a strong control over our production processes. We continue to give high priority to the use of recycled materials and work on potential recycling programs.  

We also pursue improvements in terms of product quality, safety and environmental protection through the continuous optimization of our operational processes. We also pay attention to this when selecting our suppliers. 

We also care for people’s comfort. For example, we pay particular attention to making work easier for installers on job sites. We also contribute to reducing the noise of rain on roofs, creating a better sense of well-being.  

Our various certificates and initiatives are proof of our commitment to sustainability. We were one of the first companies in our industry to establish the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).